TFOCA - Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies - Deployable Mil Spec Fiber Optics

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TFOCA Cables are extremely strong, lightweight, rugged, survivable tight-buffered cables designed for military tactical field use and commercial applications.

Breakout cable design with an individual color-coded subcable surrounding each optical fiber. Breakout cable design with an individual color-coded subcable surrounding each optical fiber.

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TFOCA connectors are specifically designed, developed and manufactured for the world's leading organizations in the DOD, industrial and high reliabilty market segments.

TFOCA - M83522
TFOCA - 4 Channel - M83526
TFOCA - 12 Channel - M83526
TFOCA - 6 Channel
TFOCA Termini
MiniTAC Connectors

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TFOCA connector systems, cable assemblies, harnesses, kits and specialty products have been used throughout the world in some of the most critical applications: down-hole oil exploration platforms, Navy tactical battle systems, secure data lines for the US Navy, water purification systems, performance automotive and many others.

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The complete cabling system for TFOCA includes the most ergonomic, low weight backpacks and reels for field deployment, special reelstands and reels (up to 2,500m of cable) for vehicle deployment, easy to handle and re-usable fittings for fast installation on the ground or in the air, as well as field-proof measurement equipment and repair kits.

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This specification for TFOCA defines the characteristics, performance and testing criteria for single terminus fiber optic connectors.

M83522 - TFOCA
M83526 - TFOCA
M29504 - Termini

The connectors described herein cover families of both bulkhead and cable termination configurations. The TFOCA connectors are supplied under a MIL-STD-790 reliability assurance program. Statistical process control (SPC) techniques are required in the manufacturing process of these connectors to minimize variation.

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