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The M83522 specification defines the characteristics, performance and testing criteria for single terminus/channel fiber optic connectors. The connectors described herein cover families of both bulkhead and cable termination configurations. The connectors are supplied under a MIL-STD-790 reliability assurance program. Statistical process control (SPC) techniques are required in the manufacturing process of these connectors to minimize variation.

M83522 connectors are also known as TFOCA 1, TFOCA i, TFOCA One or TFOCA Legacy.

M83522 Fiber Optic Cable


The MIL-DTL-83526 specification covers the characteristics, performance and testing criteria for a circular, environmental resistant, hermaphroditic interface, fiber-optic connector. The connectors covered have a consistent and predictable optical performance and are sufficiently rugged to withstand military field application.

M83526 connectors are also known as:
, DFOCA and GFOCA - 12 Channel

M83526 Fiber Optic Cable


The M29504 specification covers the general requirements for removable crimp and epoxy type fiber optic termini for use in connectors and other fiber optic components. These termini are capable of operating within the temperature ranges as specified.

M29504 Termini
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The M28876 specification covers the performance requirements for circular, plug and receptacle style, multiple removable termini, fiber optic connectors that are for Department of Defense applications and that are compatible with multiple transmission element cables. Fiber optic connectors specified herein cover a family of general purpose, interconnection hardware providing a variety of compatible optical coupling arrangements. Connector parts specified within this specification include connector shells, connector inserts, connector insert retention nuts, connector backshells, and connector dust caps.

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M28876 Mil Spec Fiber Optic Cable