FS12 Pierside Fiber Optic Connector - 12 Channel

How to Purchase Pierside Fiber Optic Connectors

FS12 Pierside Fiber Optic Cables & Connectors - 12 Channel

Cables Plus USA FS12 pierside fiber optic cables and connectors are for harsh environment, broadcast and pierside applications. This connector is available in either single mode or multimode and uses field-proven MIL-PRF-29504 termini. The 12-channel FS12 Pierside connector design provides flexibility for current and future Navy communication requirements both afloat and ashore. This connector is also ideal for high fibercount tactical broadcast networks. Removable termini, qualified to MIL-PRF-29504 specifications, enables quick connector reconfiguration and field maintainability.

Parameter Specification

Fiber type 62.5/125 multimode or 9/125 single mode
Insertion loss 62.5/125 multimode fiber –0.3dB typical, 9/125 single mode fiber -0.4dB typical
Operating Temperature -46° C to + 71° C
Shock EIA/TIA-455-14, Condition A
Vibration MIL-STD-1344, Method 2005.1
Cable Retention 400 pounds minimum per EIA/TIA-455-6 (applies to plug and strain relief receptacles only)
Twist 1000 cycles per EIA/TIA-455-36
Cable Seal Flexing 100 cycles per MIL-STD-1344, Method 2017, Procedure I
Mating Durability 2000 cycles per EIA/TIA-455-21
Impact EIA/TIA-455-2
Crush Resistance 450 pounds minimum per EIA/TIA-455-26
EMI Shielding Effectiveness - (receptacles only) Greater than 60 dB average
FS12 Pierside Jam SRR With Dust Cap
FS12 Pierside Jam SRR With Dust Cap


FS12 Pierside Connector Close Up
FS12 Pierside Connector Close Up
FS12 Pierside Plug Close Up
FS12 Pierside Connector
FS12 Pierside Cable on Reel
FS12 Pierside Cable on Reel
FS12 Pierside Jam Nut
FS12 Pierside Jam Nut