TCOCA Legacy Termini - Mil Spec

How to Purchase TFOCA 1 Termini

The TFOCA termini specification covers the general requirements for removable crimp and epoxy type fiber optic termini for use in connectors and other fiber optic components. These termini are capable of operating within the temperature ranges as specified.

One of the original styles of fiber optic connectors, the Biconic fiber optic connector is still in use today mostly for military applications. Our Biconic connector utilizes a screw type, spring loaded connection and features a cone-shaped polymer ferrule that helps to align the optical fibers at the connection interface.

The Biconic termini was adapted to the military TFOCA connector system in the early 1980’s. These genderless termini are currently being phased out of legacy systems but continue to be used in TFOCA tactical fiber optic assemblies used by the United States Army and Marine Corps.


Insertion Loss (Typical) 0.5dB
MIL Reference (termini) Designed IAW MIL-C-83526/12-02 & MIL-C-83526/13-02
Material - Body Precision Molded
Material - Ferrule Thermoplastic / aluminum - blue anodized
Fiber Types Singlemode / Multimode
Hole Sizes 126 micron / 142 micron
Concentricity Error <1.5 micron
Angular Misalignment +/- 0.5o
Temperature Range -40oC to +70oC

TFOCA 1, One, i, legacy Termini
TFOCA Termini