End-to-End TFOCA Solutions

Attention to detail designs of TFOCA solutions is criticalIn the world of Harsh Environment Cable Assemblies, not all cable assemblies are standard. One solution may be viable in one environment, but completely unsuitable for another. Attention to detail in the design of cable assemblies is critical in these situations.

TFOCA End to EndCables Plus USA prides itself on providing our customers with a comprehensive solution using the best quality components available on the market today. Our staff understands the challenges involved in implementing a complex harsh environment fiber optic solution, and we strive to ensure that all project needs are met. From custom labeling of standard off the shelf products to custom design of mission critical cable assemblies, we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.

TFOCA and customized military assemblies pose a challenge in determining the number of channels, pin layouts, and modal diameter of the fiber. These options can sometimes be intimidating even with standard cable assemblies. When these factors are added to the myriad of options available with harsh environment cable assemblies, it is crucial that each component in the assembly is verified.

Additionally, after all manufacturing is complete each custom assembly is tested to all applicable industry standards or to your standards. Every item is shipped with these test results for your future reference.

Let Cables Plus USA help you be sure that all your project requirements are met in a timely manner. We have the experience necessary to guide you through the design process and be sure that the solution works on deployment.