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The complete TFOCA cabling system includes the most ergonomic, low weight
backpacks and reels for field deployment, special reelstands and reels (up to
An example of a tactical fiber optic cable assembly spool being used by the military2,500mt of cable) for car deployment, easy to handle and re-usable fittings for
fast installation on the ground or in the air, as well as field-proof measurement
equipment and repair kits.

For in-house applications of TFOCA - i.e. the last meters to the active communication equipment - standard protected fiber optic cables with Kevlar strength members can be deployed. They are used as interconnection cables in sheltered environment where no metallic protection is required.

Considering all this, the TFOCA cable system is the most sophisticated tactical field cable on today's market, providing the user with the highest possible security against loss of connection on his transmission lines.

TFOCA Reels come in either a round or square axle and can either be specifically for military application or there are commercial versions available as well. Typical capacities are 100m, 300m, 500m, 750m, 1000m, 1500m.

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Applications - Download Catalog

TFOCA reels can be used in a variety of situations, including:
  • Mobile Emergency Telecommunications Stations
  • Mobile Tactical Shelters
  • United States Army, Navy, and Marine Corp military tactical deployments
  • Broadcast Applications
  • Emergency Restoration and Deployable Communications
  • Mining and Exploration Operations

TFOCA Reel Accessories - Download Catalog

Some of the available accessories for TFOCA reels include:
  • Cradle System (300m>)
  • Tripod/Deployable Spindle
  • Tripod with Brake Backpack
  • Case Reel Storage
  • Case with Deployment Cradle
  • T2 Frame
  • T2 Frame with Brake

TFOCA Reel Cleaning Kits - Download Catalog

\Some of the cleaning kits for different TFOCA connector types, available for in-field use include:

  • COTS 83526 Connectors
  • M28876 Ferrule Connectors
  • NAVSEA Pierside Ferrule Connectors
  • Hermaphroditic SMPTE Ferrule Connectors
  • F-Link Style Connectors
  • Amphenol TFOCA-II® Style Connectors
  • TFOCA Style Connectors
  • Expanded Beam 2.5mm Ferrule Connectors
  • 1.6-2.00mm Ferrule Connectors
  • 1.25mm Ferrule Connectors

TFOCA Reel Restoration Kits - Download Catalog

Restoration kits are also available for the following:
  • 2-Channel TFOCA
  • 4-Channel TFOCA
  • 12-Channel TFOCAI
  • 4-Channel EZ-Mate
  • 6-Channel EZ-Mate
  • 12-Channel EZ-Mate
  • 24-Channel EZ-Mate
  • 12-Channel NAVSEA Pierside
  • 2-Channel TFOCA
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