TFOCA 4 Channel

How to Purchase Mil Spec M83526

TFOCA connectors are also known as M83526 connectors.

TFOCA 4 Channel

Connector Types:
TFOCA 90° Plugs
TFOCA Flange Mount Receptacles External Mount
TFOCA Flange Mount Receptacles Internal Mount
TFOCA Jam Nut Receptacles External Mount
TFOCA Jam Nut Receptacles Internal Mount
TFOCA Flange Mount Strain Relief Receptacles - External Mount
TFOCA Jam Nut Strain Relief Receptacles - Internal Mount

Parameter Specification

Insertion Loss (Multimode) Typical - 0.30dB / Max - 0.75dB
Insertion Loss (Single Mode) Typical - 0.40dB / Max - 0.75dB
Back Reflection (Single Mode-UPC Polish) Typical - -50dB / Max - -40dB
Operating Temperature -46° C to + 71° C
Storage Temperature -55° C to + 85° C
Mud 5 minute immersion, clean with water (per MIL-C-83526/12 /13 requirements)
Water Pressure MIL-STD-810, Method 512.4, 1m, 48hr
Ice Crush DOD-STD-1678, Method 4050
Humidity DOD-STD-1678, Method 4030, 10 Cycles
Flammability MIL-STD-1344, Method 1012
Vibration (Operational) MIL-STD-1344, Method 2500.1
Shock EIA/TIA-455-14, Condition A
Mating Durability 2,000 cycles per EIA/TIA-455-21
Cable Seal Flexing 100 cycles per MIL-STD-1344, Method 2017, Procedure 1
Twist 1,000 cycles per EIA/TIA-455-36
Cable Retention 400 pounds minimum per EIA/TIA-455-6, 1hr (applies to plug and strain relief receptacles)
Impact EIA/TIA-455-2
Crush Resistance 450 pounds minimum per EIA/TIA-455-26
EMI Shielding Effectiveness (Receptacle Only) > 60dB, 15KHz to 10GHz
Corrosion Resistance MIL-STD-1344, Method 1001, Cond A
M83526 Four Channel Flange Recepticle
TFOCA II Four Channel Flange Receptacle
M83526 Four Channel Assembly
TFOCA Four Channel Assembly
M83526 4 Channel Connector Close Up
TFOCA Four Channel Connector Close Up
M83526 Four Channel Connector
TFOCA Four Channel Connector with Dust Cap
M83526 Cable on Reel
TFOCA Cable on Reel
M83526-17 To MTRJ Connector
TFOCA to MTRJ Connector