Challenges & Solutions

Case Study 1

The customer contacted Cables Plus USA with a need to provide a high density multi channel workstation in an outdoor environment for training purposes that would interface to equipment inside the training facility. Additionally, the outdoor unit would also be needed indoors in the training center for classroom examples. The unit would also need to be deployed in the field when needed for support of military vehicles. The solution was required to interface with a variety of cables at either end.

Cables Plus USA worked with the customer to design a system that would fit their needs. The final design consisted of a rack mountable panel for the indoor portion of the solution, a NEMA enclosed mobile work pedestal for the outdoor portion, and 2 cables to connect the panel with the pedestal. The panel and pedestal were both designed to allow the user quick access to four TFOCA multichannel receptacles, 4 ST receptacles, and 2 SC duplex receptacles. To allow for quick deployment, the cables connecting the panel and pedestal were outfitted with 24 channel hermaphroditic backshell connectors (Similar to TFOCA). The customer was then only tasked with mating two connectors on either end, rather than spending unnecessary time and effort unwiring and rewiring the system for deployment.

Case Study 2

The customer contacted Cables Plus USA with a requirement for a tactical deployable solution. The cable would need to be retrieved after use and stored with other equipment until it was needed again. The assembly would be used in very harsh environments. The customer felt that rough transport would be an issue with the assembly. The assembly was to be transported by truck and plane on a regular basis, with hand transport for “the last mile.” The aerial transportation of the case would take place in both pressurized and non pressurized environments.

Cables Plus designed a cable integrated with a clutched, braking reel. This assembly was provided with a custom fit weatherproof storage and carrying case constructed of high grade plastic and fit with a pressure maintaining valve for aerial transport. The case was provided with rugged casters and a pull handle to ease the hand transport of “the last mile”. The case’s interior also was heavily padded to protect the assembly from damage during transport.

Case Study 3

After receiving and using a standard cable assembly, the customer noticed damage to both the cable and the hardware that it was connected to. The damage was occurring when users would apply excessive force to the assembly through deployment or through accidental means.

Cables Plus USA designed a custom strain relief device that integrates with the panels that the cables would be connected to. This device was provided to the customer in the form of kits to retrofit existing cables. In addition, all future orders of the cable by the customer were fitted with the device during manufacture.

Some of our clients include:

  • Yokota Air Force Base Japan
  • USFPO for NC
  • Moody Air Force Base
  • Eglin AFB
  • Nasa Langley Research Ctr
  • SAIC
  • Raytheon
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Honeywell
  • L3 Global Communications