EZ-MATE™ Multi-Channel Fiber Optic Connectors

How to Purchase Pierside Fiber Optic Connectors

F-Link Fiber Optic Electrical Hybrid Inter ConnectOverview

The EZ-MATE™ family of hermaphroditic style fiber optic connectors provides the most comprehensive solution to fiber inter-connect in harsh, deployable or mobilized communications systems. The EZ-MATE family of fiber optic deployable inter-connect provides end users with the same proven technology used in advanced military communication systems, but with simplified (EZ-MATE) mating interfaces capable of "blind mate" and/or applications that require thousands of mating cycles.

In addition to the EZ-MATE user friendly interface, the connector system is designed to resist extreme harsh mechanical and environmental conditions including high vibration, mechanical and thermal shock, fluid immersion and will continue to operate under extreme tension loading (with use of OCC tactical cable). Integrators can select from four different families (channel counts) which allows end users maximum flexibility when selecting the correct channel count for the application. Each of the four families features a diverse set of receptacle configurations designed to solve almost any panel or enclosure application.


  • Ship to Shore Communications Umbilical Connect
  • Mobile Emergency Telecommunications Stations
  • Mobile Tactical Shelters
  • United States Army, Navy, and Marine Corp Military Tactical Deployments
  • Mobile or Remote Broadcast
  • Oil and Gas Industries (Brass and Stainless Steel material options)

Why Hermaphroditic Connectors?

Hermaphroditic connectors are designed for quick deployment and gender independent connectivity allowing the end user to unreel fiber cable without regard for male or female ends. The hermaphroditic design enables the transmission path to maintain polarity even with multiple cable segments daisy-chained together to extend the distance of the deployable system.

Provisioning Guidelines

  1. Select the number of Dummy Termini necessary to fill a connector. Example, when planning for an 8 CH application,
    select 4 dummy termini to complete a 12 CH size connector.
  2. Crimp sleeves are recommended for use on receptacle configurations without Strain Relief. Crimp sleeves are generally
    used with 2.0mm simplex loose tube cable for receptacle pigtails. 4 CH and 12 CH EZ-MATE receptacles also allow for
    the use of 3.00mm loose fiber optic cable.