F-Link Shell Size B

How to Purchase F-Link Fiber Optic Electrical Connectors

F-Link Shell Size B

Perhaps the most innovative fiber optic and electrical inter-connect solution to come along in years, Cables Plus USA introduces the F-LINK™ connector family, the ultimate configurable fiber optic or hybrid (combination fiber optic and electrical) inter-connect solution to meet the majority of commercial, industrial and military application needs.

This Patent Pending connector platform starts with configurable pin or socket insert caps which can be added to either plug or receptacle. A series of modules are then provisioned into either male or female cavities to form an active channel for fiber pins, fiber optic sockets, electrical pins, electrical sockets or dummy modules to seal un-wanted cavities. Combined with F-LINK™ hybrid cable or fiber optic cable style back shells, the F-LINK™ system can also accommodate any configuration up to 32 channels, with any combination of fiber optic or #16 AWG electrical contacts.

F-Link Fiber Reel
F-Link Fiber Reel with B Connectors
F-Link Fiber Backshell
F-Link Fiber Backshell - B

F-Link Optric Assembly Types

F-Link Dual Plugs
F-Link Dual B Connectors
F-Link 6 Channel Interface
F-Link 6 Channel B Interface
6 Fiber F-Link Receptacle Close Up
6 Fiber F Link Receptacle Close Up - B
6 Fiber F-Link Receptacle
6 Fiber F-Link Receptacle - Size B
F-Link Connector Types
F-Link Connector Types - Size B